Red Bull’s A-Z of Formula 1 - Part 6


Speaking of James’s protégés, Niki probably didn’t know this, but he actually was one (excerpt from Shunt):

Lauda was planning a comeback with Hunt’s old team, McLaren. (…) McLaren was now under new ownership, and a young entrepreneur called Ron Dennis had taken over the team. The takeover had been orchestrated by John Hogan, frustrated by the years of underperformance since Hunt had left.(…) 

Bringing Lauda back was Dennis’ idea, not Hogan’s. Hogan was unsure about the wisdom of the decision, and consulted Hunt. Hunt’s Marlboro contract as a global ambassador was worth US$60,000 a year, and it now extended to giving others advice as a consultant. 

Part of the new brief was to advise Hogan on drivers, and he consulted him on Lauda. At that time, no retired driver had ever made a successful return to Formula One, and Hogan wasn’t sure it was even possible, as he says: “I asked James, and he was adamant that Lauda could do it. The only question in his mind was his motivation.” But Hunt told Hogan firmly that, if Lauda was motivated, he could be world champion again. Hogan went away and questioned Lauda carefully about his motivations, relaying his answers back to Hunt. When he heard the answers, Hunt was unequivocal, and advised Hogan to sign Lauda. Hogan admits it was Hunt’s advice that won Lauda the drive. Hogan was an enormous admirer of Hunt’s ability to, in his words, “read the game.” In fact, he thought there was no one better at it.

Here’s how that interview probably went:

James: What did he say?

Hogan: He said his motivation was Wednesday…

James: Sign him up!


well um okay then…..

ahhh, congrats to Mick Fanning, it’s a win.

Wasn’t too excited for the final and it all felt a bit lackluster but I guess that’s how it goes.

Was a decent event with some epic heats, now to move on to the next one.

oh Jules is freaking angry wowow





oh fuck

that’s a shitty way to end a really good event from John.

His R3 and R4 heats were both really exciting  and even his Quarters put something crazy to the table

but that heat was kinda sad and oh well.

It’s still the best result so far


and i’m exiting out of that lecture because there’s ten minutes until the semi-finals start AND WOW

it feels like bells has gone on forever

very excited to be getting down to the good stuff